Dar Williams Deal of the Century

This Fall is shaping up to be a whopper for new music releases from some of my favorite women... New Ani, Joan, Catie, and Dar oh my! I also just received an email from the Beachland that pointed me to a link where you could pre-order the new Dar Williams for $10. I though "hey... I'm down with that."

I follow the link and see that the non-sale price was $18.98!!! (wtf!) No wonder people aren't buying CD's anymore. However, I also notice a "Similar Shoppers Purchased..." section and see another promotion for Dar. TWO CD's AND a bonus DVD for 15.00!!!!! Amazing. The strangest part being that this was on MusicSpace.com. Quite strange seeing such a great offer from a site who's speciality is selling cheesy compilations, one of which being the obnoxious Kidz Bop albums. Whatever...

I couldn't order these fast enough. Now I just need to figure out who I'm going to give the other Dar album to. Interested?

MySpace (new song posted!)

(Don't forget to get your Dar tickets... 9/16/08 @ the Beachland)

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