New Tilly & the Wall

I'm really enjoying the new Tilly & the Wall album... Image is of the custom artwork I received w/ my CD.

Tilly and the Wall Get a Little Help From Their Fans
by Jonah Flicker

Omaha's Tilly and the Wall have taken a cue from artists like Justice and Prince by choosing a symbol instead of a proper name for their new album, 'O,' due June 17. But it was the spirit of artistic collaboration, not pretension or mystery, which informed this decision. The album's cover consists of an oval-shaped frame and will be released in limited-edition pressings with artwork contributed by friends and fans. "[It's] almost a communion with our friends," keyboardist Nick White tells Spinner. "It's always been a really big goal of ours to make the audience feel more involved in the process -- to have them connect with the band."

'O,' the band's third album, was recorded at the Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts in downtown Omaha, their hometown. "They have a residency program, so people come from around the country, around the world, and stay and make art," White says. Anyone familiar with the Saddle Creek label already knows that Omaha is a Midwestern hotbed for arts and music, an environment in which Tilly and the Wall seem to thrive. "It's really cool in Omaha," White says. "There's no set way to go about anything. Everyone here is very accepting of new projects."

The new album also continues Tilly and the Wall's tradition of using tap dancing and percussion, provided by Jamie Pressnall, in place of a drum kit. Though this can offer challenges in terms of microphone setups, depending on the venue, White says they've got it down to a fairly exact science. "The system's pretty set now, but it can get very difficult," he says. "If anyone has too small a surface to stand on, it can be hard to balance." The band heads out on tour on July 4, and White is excited about playing their new material. "It feels like the most collaborative, cohesive album we've done. You can feel everyone's personalities."

Video for Pot Kettle Black (via Stereogum)


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