Random Commentary

Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney fame has been writing a music blog for NPR which has been quite enjoyable. Her latest piece on the iPod random, and how it leaves you unfulfilled, feels like she's read my mind and wrote out my thoughts better than I ever could have.

From NPR's Monitor Mix:

What should be an awesome, even liberating way of listening to one's music collection instead becomes obnoxious and restrictive. Well, at least for me. You'd think that you'd spend your time basking in the depth and eclecticism of your own musical tastes. Reggae? Check. Krautrock? Uh-huh. British Folk? Covered. All of it blended together by a computer-generated randomizer. The shuffle mode is an endless radio station that only plays your music. Sounds perfect, so why is it not?

Posted: Fri - July 11, 2008 at 07:57 AM           |