Amnesty International's Small Places Tour

Gotta love Amnesty International. Great idea... via CMJ:

"Small Places is also an attempt to de-construct the charity concert model, moving away from the Live Aid/8/Earth stadium model towards something that is more decentralized and greener," Nick Terzo, co-producer of the tour, told CMJ. "It is open to bands large and small, famous and less famous and of all genres. There is an extensive menu of activities ranging from bands who are donating a portion of every ticket sold on their tour, to one-off benefit concerts, to auctions featuring premium tickets, life experiences and one of a kind items."

Bands can book a show with their local venues or 'join' the tour on their own schedule by announcing that they will play one or a number of concerts "for" Amnesty International. Artists can coordinate with the Small Places Tour team by contacting them through their MySpace page.

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