Dar Williams (9/16/08)

Oh Dar... how I love thee. I was sooo glad to see her perform at the Beachland, rather than the House of Blues like last time. And the funny thing is that she made light of that during her show, commenting on how the audience loved the Beachland more, despite almost killing a Beachland-goer trying to back the tour bus into the Beachland parking lot.

As soon as I walked in, I saw my friend Jen sitting in the front row. She offered me a couple seats!! Love her.

The show was good as always, and I enjoyed the unconventional drumming for this show. Oh, and Shawn Mullins opened. I admit I wasn't that excited about him, but he was rather enjoyable! I might even see him again.

Since this show, I've spent even more time with her new album and I'm LOVING it more and more. I couldn't find "Buzzer" to embed, but check it out on her MySpace page.

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