Over the Rhine (7/22/08)

What a great night to be at Cain Park! Even better that this Over the Rhine show was part of their $2 show promotion.

Unfortunately we were running late. As we were walking in, I heard them covering Gillian Welch's "Look at Miss Ohio." Ugh!! What a great song. Unfortunately, walking in we saw how few people were there. WTF? Over the Rhine is definitely an established and respected band, so this was a surprise (not to mention the price). They went on to play a great set, making this a nearly perfect summer night. They also covered Emmylou Harris' "Orphan Girl" and Pretenders "My City was Gone."

My only complains that night were the bug light continually zapping, and that the ushers were camera nazis. Within seconds of me taking a photo with my phone, they were on me, almost having a fit. A couple minutes later, a woman in front of me did the same. Only this time, the usher caused a ruckus by making the concert-goer delete the photo right in front of them, proving it's demise. Whatever. Just good to remember for next time.

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