Jennifer O'Connor (10/15/08)

I can't say that I'm a huge Jennifer O'Connor fan, though I've enjoyed her new album more than previous ones. But I really wanted to get out and see a show. Actually, my original plan was to go see the in-store performance of Frightened Rabbit at Music Saves prior to seeing Jennifer, but that just didn't work out (just too early). But she was very good and the show was very enjoyable... until the sold out (??) Nick Lowe show in the Ballroom let out and crowded the Tavern. Guess I'm glad Jennifer got a bit more of an audience... but that made it a good time for me to ditch.

The kicker in all this is that I just found out that Frightened Rabbit (whom I *really* like) ended up playing at the Spot that night!! What a bummer! Sorry Jennifer, but I would have gone to that show instead. Oh well.

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