Red Headed Stepchild (6/10/08)

While I'm still not convinced that anyone is regularly checking this blog (I never bother checking the stats)... it does serve a great personal need. I see a LOT of shows and can't always remember who, when, why and what I thought about them.

I was looking for a show on this particular night, and checking the Barking Spider website as usual. I remembered seeing Red Headed Stepchild before and remembered enjoying it, but it was nice to go search my blog and read what I wrote about them over 3 years ago. Sweet. I was even more exited to see them this time.

The show was good. I saw "the van" again and they just seem like some of the coolest people to meet. I had kinda forgotten about all the instruments the female counterpart plays... the woman definitely has a fire in her. The night was gorgeous and they are definitely a great act to see on a casual night out at the Spider.


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