The Helio Sequence (5/27/08)

The new Helio Sequence album has become one of my favorites of the last year... easily. This made seeing this show of the utmost importance. The excitement had been building for weeks!

Concert day I get there early enough to catch the two openers. Good Touch / Bad Touch were okay, though it seemed like tonight was their first night performing together (maybe it was), but they seemed cool enough guys. The next band was Houseguest. They sounded a little better, but were pretty obnoxious. They were on stage, performing like rock stars to a crowd who was not convinced. They even continued to hang around and be obnoxious while the Helio Sequence was performing.

Finally Helio Sequence took the stage and I was quite surprised to see it only consisted of 2 guys and a laptop. The drummer was stunning, so much so that I captured a little video of him. The sound kinda sucks and you don't quite get the energy, but trust me.

I have to say it was a good show, though something was missing that night. I think they would have been better suited for the Grog Shop. Anyway... they sounded great and I'll go see them again in a heartbeat.

Helio Sequence MySpace Page

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