Liz Stahler & Brianna Lane as Boston to Austin (5/8/08)

I was going to see Liz Stahler at the Barking Spider, but was surprised to walk in and see Brianna Lane performing with her! I've seen them both, separately, at the Barking Spider - but seeing them together was even a bigger treat. And so was their welcoming me as I walked in... :-)

This was an early show, starting at 6:30, so we didn't get there until after the first couple songs. It was a gorgeous day out and a perfect day to see a show at the Spider. Both women are solid songwriters and performers, but together they were a rare treat. Well, I guess not so rare, as they have a new MySpace page branded as Boston to Austin a name of a tour, which resulted in extra t-shirts, which became their band name (giving purpose to the spare shirts). Hopefully this means we'll be seeing more of them together.

Being such an early show, I asked the ladies if they had plans later. Would love to hang with them and show them some cool parts of the city. Unfortunately they did have plans, but hopefully next time.

Brianna Lane
Liz Stahler

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