Avett Brothers (5/18/08)

Here's another show where I've heard about a band, go see them, and THEN really fall in love with their music. Granted that a great live performance (such as this) really helps grow the love, but it's the post-show adoration that really makes you want to see them again now that you know the music so much better. But with a sold-out show at the Beachland, I guess I should have realized I was already late to the Avett Bros. bandwagon.

The Avett Brothers were awesome. After watching O'Death, I realized how the hillbillies could rock, but the Avett brothers took that rockin' in a whole different direction. Very clean, modern, and a dancin' good time. Actually, very much like Old Crow Medicine Show. And with this being a sold-out show in the Ballroom, I was quite proud of Cleveland making a strong showing for a great performance!

Until next time boys...

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