Stars (3/31/08)

So you might have started to notice a kind of depressing tone to the blog... I guess that's what's what happens when you go from coupled to single. But hopefully that tone won't last too long (the depression, not single part... I guess?). Unfortunately this show was a casualty of that blah. I was pretty excited to see Stars, like their new album, watched their videos, even saw a pretty cool little Electronic Press Kit about the band. But by the time they played last night, I was not in the mood. I forced myself to go, didn't pay attention to the openers, and didn't even stay for the whole show. If it wasn't for my friend Nadine, I probably wouldn't have stayed at all.

While I'd like to blame some of this on my overall state of blah, I also don't think the show was as good as it could have been. I think they're a great band and have a great sound, but something was missing with that show. I kept thinking it was the sound, that there was more bass than vocals... just that somehow it could have sounded so much better.

So I can't say much about the show, but I will share this video...

Check out this video: The Night Starts Here

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