The Thermals (10/26/07)

I like to think that I'm pretty current and "hip" with new music. But it's inevitable that I'm getting older and I'm seeing signs of it everywhere. Not that it's doom and gloom in any way... I'm enjoying the process, but it's something that's becoming increasingly apparent. One sign is my subtle disappointment when I see a good show coming to town on a weeknight. Another is my slowly transitioning music tastes. I like to think I like ALL kinds of music, but truth is that my threshold for intense, loud music is becoming less and less...

The Thermals gave me hope that I can still listen to a good Rock album. From the moment I heard "Here's Your Future" I was hooked. Then every song on the album became a favorite... of course being politically charged only helped. Since I didn't catch to them on when the album was first released, I didn't think I'd get a chance to see them tour this time around. Imagine my surprise when I found out otherwise (and it was on a Friday night - not at the HOB!!) :)

Before this show, I hadn't looked them up online to see what they looked like. Imagine my surprise when I see 3, innocent looking kids walk out on stage with big smiles. The rock started and the crowd went crazy. Not quite the packed house I was expecting, but that ended up being a good thing. This was the first show I've been too that generated a mosh pit. (My guess as to the last show this happened would have been at the Pantera & Skid Row show I saw way back when).

They played most everything off The Body, The Blood, The Machine, and just about every song brought about a surge in the crowd. When the songs reached their peak, drinks went flying, and so did the bodies. People slamming all around and beers being thrown all over the place. There was even one girl who kept climbing the stage and diving into the crowd. The energy was unbelievable.

I stayed back to a safe distance, watching the mess. Cringing when I would see beer flying up and hitting the performers and their instruments. Again, my age became apparent when I would cringe every time this happened, or when I saw people jump off the stage. But overall it was a GREAT experience and I can't wait until their next album and tour.

Check out "I Might Need You To Kill" (a TOUGH choice):

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Their InSound Tour Support download is still available.

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MySpace Page:

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