Madonna (6/15/06)

So I also don't consider myself a huge Madonna fan, but as a gay man I felt it was my duty to see her in concert at least once in my lifetime. I really enjoy her recent Confessions on a Dance Floor album, and in looking for any reason to visit Chicago it felt like this was the perfect time to go see her. When tickets went on sale, myself and my friend Salwa in Chicago tried buying tickets the *instant* they went on sale. At first try, the show show was sold out. We were bummed... until we realized they opened up another show, then another, and another. We ended seeing her on the third night of her Chicago stay. However, our tickets still ended up being in the top row (as you can tell from the picture)... No matter, we were still excited.

Despite the personal criticisms of Madonna and the show, she puts on an amazing performance. Even from our distance, it was extremely enjoyable (and luckily we brought binoculars). I loved that she played so many of her newer songs, and put a fresh spin on the older ones. One of the nice things about being at the top was the ability to stay standing, to dance and act like a fool without the criticisms of those behind you... though you didn't need to be concerned about that at this show. The crowd was so energized and you could feel it. We left the show glowing... Afterward I committed to seeing her again, this time spending any means necessary to get closer and be on the floor (it was that good).

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