Concert Catch Up (11/16/05 - 12/3/05) 3 shows

Brianna Lane (11/16/05)

Brianna is another artist i've discovered through the Barking Spider Tavern. I enjoyed seeing her the first time, so I definitely was excited to see her again. This time she had a larger, more lively crowd. This time she informs us that she's quit her day job and is pursuing this as a full-time gig. Good for her. She definitely has a LOT of potential and could only get better as she gets the experience of playing music full-time.

This time, the second act didn't show up, so went ahead and played a double-header. She hadn't eaten dinner yet so she ordered a pizza, and I have to say this is the first time I've seen a song interrupted so the artist could pay the delivery guy. During her set I guessed what song she was covering and I ended up winning a glow bracelet, of which she took a picture of after the show for her website. You can check it out here.

Slackjaw (11/28/05)

This is a local band in Cleveland who's one member (Angelisa - sp?) is a friend of a friend. This was a decent show. The played some great original songs, as well as some good covers. The best being Ani's "So What" and Gillian Welch's "Look at Miss Ohio" and "Orphan Girl." Unfortunately, neither Angelisa or Slackjaw have websites yet. However you can see them play at the Barking Spider next Monday (8/21).

Cyndi Lauper (12/3/05)

Opening were Jill Sobule and Sandra Bernhard at the Lakewood Auditorim. Jill was sweet and charming, and so talented that I can't believe she doesn't have a bigger fan-base. She even even so bold an playful to cover Destiny Child's "Survivor." However, not being able to remember it completely, she had an audience member come on stage and hold her iBook. Great performance... I can't say the same for Sandra. I was kind of excited to see her perform (being a closet Hudson Hawk fan and all). She has a pretty good voice, but she would make songs up on the spot. It got old.

Cyndi was utterly stunning. She had full band and a large sound, and it was like a non-stop dance party on stage. She had so much energy and kept most people standing up and dancing. She even busted out some cool 80's moves herself on stage. Definitely not the presence I was expecting, but one I was elated to see. She even surprised the audience by walking out into the middle of room, walking into an isle and standing on a chair to sing "Standing Tall," which she wrote for her son. Back on stage, during Money Changes Everything, she yelled to the lighting guy "This may be a High School, but tonight it's a Rock Concert!" Go Cyndi.

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