Interpol (9/26/05)

So I will probably not be updating this blog as much as I would like over the next couple weeks, between it being Thanksgiving as well as the end of the semester. But with this being my last semester of coursework, I have big plans for this blog when I have more free-time... including finding some way to offer up some cool giveaways!

I can't say I'm a huge Interpol fan, but I've heard enough about them to warrant seeing them at the Agora. Top that off with a group of classmates from Kent coming up for the show, and I'm stoked! I instantly told everyone that I would be hosting the pre-party at my place and then we could all just walk to the Agora. They came, we drank, we smoked, and shared school horror stories... it was good times.

We get to the Agora and it's already pretty busy, and unfortunately the cafe is already closed (I promised food would be there). Instead we had to raid the little pizza vendor in the lobby (still good shit). Standing around the lobby, balancing our pizzas and beers with no surface to set things on, I see my friend Brian from Pittsburgh (who works at the uber-cool WYEP - c'mon Cleveland... get with it). Chatting with him a bit, most of the group went to go find seats. By this time we had missed most of the opening act (Boom-Bip). What we did see was pretty cool (but that's about all I can describe of them).

We ended up having to sit all the way near the top of the Theater. Damn it was hot. But still, it was nice to sit and watch the show. It was about this time that I had a "you dumb shit" moment... that I didn't have the where-with-all to get there early and grab a table up near the front. I then preceded to write in my little notebook that "maybe by writing about these experiences that I'll remember these things." Lord knows I don't think of them otherwise.

As for the show... Interpol was good. Very art-alt-rock. I felt like I could have gotten into the music much more if I had seen them at a smaller venue like the Grog, and the show would probably have better sound as well.

I'll invite any of the Kent kids to post their thoughts in the comments. ;)

Check out my Flickr photoset for this show. Some pretty decent pics if I do say so myself.

Here's one of my favorite Interpol songs for you, "Slow Hands" :

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